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Multi-Vender MPSK deployment with Dynamic VLAN Assignment on FreeRadius 

In today’s diverse networking environments, there’s a growing trend towards combining proprietary vendor solutions with open-source alternatives to achieve a balance of reliable performance and cost-effectiveness. This article explores this idea by demonstrating a Multi-Pre-Shared Key (MPSK) Wi-Fi solution using both Juniper APs and OpenWiFi APs, where authentication and accounting is managed through FreeRadius server. […]

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Why choose a 4×4 AP over a 2×2 one ?

In today’s market, 2×2 APs are widely available, and several suppliers promote them as a less expensive, high-density deployment-capable alternative to the 4×4. On paper, 2×2 APs can theoretically offer a 2×2 client the same throughput numbers as a 4×4 one, which makes them more desirable. The actual query is, in practice, do they realistically […]

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CableLabs Innovation Bootcamp

CableLabs Innovation bootcamp was a unique experience. It was different from the wireless oriented events that I have attended in the last couple years. The camp was designed to introduce the attendee to the FIRE framework of Innovation. FIRE (Focus, Ideation, Ranking, and Execution) is a framework put together by Phil McKinney the current CEO […]

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