OFDMA In Action

OFDMA In Action

The 5th video in the series of the 802.11ax training videos. In this video I explain the process that APs and STAs have to go through to complete an OFDMA transmission in the 802.11ax standard.


Anusha Posted on 6:37 am - June 21, 2021

Hi Firas,

Thanks for the video and it’s very nice.

Could you please let us know how does resource units will work on 802.11ax with multiple STA’s ( 1×1, 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 STA’s)and single 4×4 STA.

We know that 902.11ax is mainly for per user based performance so here How it will be taking care of this when multiple clients are connected and running traffic simultaneously.

Thanks in Advanced.

    firas.shaari Posted on 6:50 pm - November 11, 2021

    HI Anusha, Let’s schedule a call where we can go over this. Contact me over Linkedin please and we will figure out something.

Mayur Posted on 8:47 pm - June 21, 2021

Great work Firaz, OFDMA is powerful technology which if optimized carefully for home traffic, can improve Wi-fi QoS

    firas.shaari Posted on 6:51 pm - November 11, 2021

    Thank you Mayur for your feedback. Much appreciated.

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