A New Milestone Achieved !

A New Milestone Achieved !

On the 23/02/2021 at around 10:00am I took on a 4 hours exam an attempt to achieve the iNARTE Spectrum Management Certification. The exam was challenging, I wouldn’t say it was difficult but, definitely it wasn’t an easy one. For anyone who might be interested in taking on the exam a good background in Electrical Engineering principles and a fair knowledge of HAM radio rules regulations and best practices will definitely be a big a help to clear this exam. Finally, you can check my certification by clicking on the link below.


Fatimah Feituri Posted on 7:20 pm - March 15, 2021

Congratulations ❤️

    firas.shaari Posted on 11:15 pm - March 17, 2021

    Thank you ❤️

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